Visual Tracker

Our goal was to design and build detectors and electronics, with which the tracks of elementary particles became visible. Thus physics teachers can demonstrate the invisible particle physics in a simple and spectacular way.

It was shown that our simplified MWPC chambers can detect beta, gamma, and cosmic radiation as well. Their operational gain is compatible with the predictions.

To ensure nice tracking a set of similar detectors have been built. We have designed a special electronics to visualize the hits. Every anode wire of the MWPC connects to an amplifier followed by a discriminator and latcher, and finally an LED. When a particle passes near the wire, thus it gets a hit, the LED lights up.

Using a couple of chambers (equipped with the electronics) underneath each other, the track of the passing particle will be shown mathing on the LEDs.

The construction of these simplified MWPC detectors can be done by the students in the schools as well, thus combine practical, electronics, and physics class into a productive and learning experience.

Author: Janka Sára Molnár