Muon Tomograph: Cosmic ray tracking system

The Muontomograph is a mobile particle-tacking system including utilities developed by the REGARD (RMKI-ELTE GAseous Detector Research and Development) group. The system was designed for tracking high-energy (~GeV) charged cosmic particles at millimeter-centimeter precision. The additional analysis softwares provide cosmic particle-flux measurements to any directions. In case of mobile deployment, the angular resolution is 10mrad. For the case of 0.1 square meter sensitve area, the detector weight is 15kg with autonomous power supply. The system allows archeological, speleological or mine-exploration measurements to be done in remote or underground areas. In case of indoor applications, the detector can be used for transmission imaging with cosmic muons, in various sizes (which limits statistics and weight) up to an area of 80 x 80 cm.